‘What is this for,’ iQ8 asks, ‘is this a map?’ I take out a pencil, the tip is a stubble, ‘look here,’ I say. ‘Now, pick another point within this line.’ iQ8 starts to color in the edges of the triangle forming beneath the lines. ‘Do you see anything?’ I ask.

I watch iQ8 drag her hands across the map… she stares at her fingers. They are charcoal, like the light glaze of a metal. I notice the dots on the map arise like airports or transportation centers. This is becoming a traveling salesman problem. The dots appear like lattice points in a blank shape, a hollow shape. These dots were not really summarizing the map, but perhaps from these dots you could summarize the map…. wait, does that make sense?

‘There are three ways of getting here,’ iQ8 points to the paper, a node that looks to be situated atop San Francisco. ‘Two ways getting out.’ I noticed the city point was unique in it’s placement among the other dots and the location of the map. It was an edge, it was also a dot. At San Francisco, iQ8 was saying, was the end and beginning, it was the sink and source in mathematical terminology.

About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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