Flower IQwe5

‘Close your eyes,’ Paul says, ‘meditate with me.’ I watch Paul’s knees wiggle as he makes himself comfortable. ‘Sometimes it is a storm out here,’ I watch him life his chin, ‘breathing is not friendly.’ Paul seems serious.

‘I cannot control your breathing,’ he continues, ‘I cannot control what bones will break or mend. What ailments will infect your body and leave you ravished.’ He begins to remove his shirt. His ear flicks as it gets stuck. ‘But we can control our head, how our mind can influence the heart.’

‘Meditate with me for a little while. The time is going so fast, you hardly see your life skirting away.’ I watch as Paul’s eyes begin to shiver beneath his eye-lids. I watch his body stiffen as if a cold wind had just sheered through his bones like in the Himalayas. ‘The way of war, the way we meditate, is through the negative route.’ Paul’s corner of the mouth cracks.

‘We start with the idea of a cube in the middle of space,’ Paul’s back stiffens, ‘the cubes’ walls begin to unfold like a box. These sides begin to bend under the vacuum of space. Slowly, the walls splay wide.’  I begin to sit. I am soar and feeling let down. ‘These walls begin to shiver in space and the walls begin to appear like lines and dance like little strings. We have moved from three dimensional to two dimensional space.’

‘Dropping down dimensions we find simpler solutions to more complex problems. This is where we tinker, this is where we will win.’

About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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