‘It’s not a story if there isn’t an intro,’ Paul begins, ‘explicitly tell your readers, your listeners, the story is beginning. That what you are saying is a story.’ He looks me in the eyes. He is dead serious. ‘Otherwise every word of yours is farce.’

‘I make demands upon listeners,’ Paul continues, ‘but I don’t agitate into a frenzy by blurring the story and life.’ Paul starts to wave his hands, his little face squirms under the pressure of remaining straight. ‘I don’t try to make life any lighter than I think Jesus thinks life is.’

‘No lighter than Jesus thought his body was being pulled by gravity.’ Paul fans his arms higher.

‘Pulling life and imagination apart, that is what I do, till one cracks.’ Paul stops waving his arms.

‘We’ll return to bodies somehow. The story will stop.’


About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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