The Dove of Life

‘One of the greatest mysteries happened during the baptism of Jesus,’ Paul begins to tell the kids. There are maybe five or six kids sitting at his feet. Good with children, Paul always brings sweets. Chocolate cookies. He has passed the plate around at least ten times. ‘Do you remember what happened?’ He asks the kids. One kid barfs.

‘The dove appeared.’ And that is where Paul stopped and set down the bible. He looked at the kids then walked out. I had to decide what to do, leave these kids alone, or track down Paul. I feared for Paul more so I went as fast as I could.

I found Paul at the water fountain. He looked like all the other kids as he splashed the water all over his clothes. I then asked Paul what happened.  All he did was shake his head. He then said,

‘Even the spirit has a body.’


About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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