Flesh in the Air III

‘Try this,’ Paul smiles, ‘place your knees snug against the carpet.’ I watch Paul, he lays face down, knees against the carpet. ‘Now shimmy your hips and lay down your toes.’ Paul’s toes look bright pink in the sun and a little old as the wrinkles cast a little shade.

He then takes a bite of the carpet, keeping the fibers tight against his teeth. ‘Can you feel it now?’ Paul murmurs as his eyes concentrate on his nose. ‘Feel the depths of your being, feel the depths of your body.’ I cannot wait to try it myself, I hurry upon the ground. But my mind, it will not allow me, I try to lay face down. Instead, I lay on my back. I try to lock my knees, they bend. I try to flip over, I melt down.

All I want is to bite something, my mouth stays dry. Empty.

‘Now pray,’ Paul gags the words between the carpet and his teeth.


About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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