O Areopagus, talk

The Storms have spent their fury- the thunderstorm is over- Job has been censured before the face of humankind- the Lord and Job have come to an understanding… Job is blessed and has received everything double. -This is called a repetition.

Kierkegaard. Repetition.


Remember what you said in Athens? O the Areopagus! Being called a babbling fool! Then, Paul, remember Job! How he sat at the tribunal of nature, surrounded by sticks, moaning in tree-speech blasphemies. And in all he said he did not sin.

It’s a few hours away, darkness will cover the expanse of day shortly. The bus has arrived, but I am on the move, so I must keep this short. All that surrounds me, now, is Fate.

I wish you could hear what I hear. The petering and pattering of sand, the teetering and tottering of wind-dried plants, the scurrying creature. All these things are coughing up words too sharp for this body of mine.

On the hour,

~Your speechless one


About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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