Pop of Beauty

Terror itself peers out of the eyes of beauty as the coercion that emanates from form; the concept of the blinding glare of beauty articulates this experience.

Aesthetic Theory. Adorno

‘I imagine the hands of Jesus,’ Paul says, ‘the holes wrapped in flesh.’ He lays his hands against the window pane, light sheds through his pink fingers. ‘Why didn’t they heal? Why are there holes in the resurrected Jesus?’ Paul wanes, then says, ‘is it that beauty left a bite mark?’

The beholding of Christ in glory is that which in itself is too high, illustrious, and marvellous for us in our present condition. It has a splendour and glory too great for our present spiritual visible faculty; as the direct, immediate sight of the sun darkens our sight, and does not relieve or strengthen it at all.

The Glory of Christ. John Owen.

‘Which is worse to see, that darkness of the holes of his hands, or, the edges of his body surrounding the hole? That God is trapped in a body forever.’ Paul claps his hands together, ‘they are equally ugly to some degree, monstrous, one is consuming the other.’


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