Ladder of Beauty

The reduction that beauty imposes on the terrifying, over and out of which beauty raises itself and which it banishes from itself as from a sacred temple, has- in the face of the terrifying- something powerless about it. For the terrifying digs in on the perimeter like the enemy in front of the walls of the beleaguered city and starves it out. If beauty is not to fail its own telos, it must work against its enemy even if this struggle is contrary to its own tendency.

Aesthetic Theory. Adorno


‘Beauty sits like a ring around the equator of the Earth,’ Paul points to his pinky, a little pink ribbon is tied in a knot. ‘But the Earth expands, like a balloon, and thins the ring.’


‘Beauty sits like a ring slicing the Earth at the equator,’ Paul points to his pinky, a little pink line wraps around the knuckle. ‘At some point beauty looses it’s edge.’


‘Beauty sits like concentric circles, one inside another,’ Paul points to his pinky, he wraps a string like a chain from the nail to the knuckle, ‘Beauty inside beauty, surely from one side, beauty eating beauty, from the other side.’


‘Beauty sits like an expanding disk in hell,’ Paul points to his pinky, it is swelling, it is allergic to oxygen, ‘starved, it pulls darkness from the edges to the center, it annihilates itself- by continuing to expand. It is monstrous, it is the ladder of beauty.’


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