For The Other Pleasure

I can only recognize myself recognized by the other to the extent that this recognition of the other alters me: it is desire, it is what trembles in desire.

The Restless of the Negative. Jean-Luc Nancy

for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

Phil. 2:13

“Put these two pebbles a finger’s width apart,” Paul motions, “call the first pebble Add and the second Sub.” In these little shiny pebbles I see two faces. Two faces sit in the pebbles atop bodies, round bodies. “Look at Add,” Paul giggles, “isn’t Add cute?”

“But cute is not enough, Add wants something. Add desires.” Paul begins to steer Add  in a circle around Sub. The gold sand warms our faces as we concentrate. “So, how does Add know Sub is here?” Paul asks as he grabs Sub with his other hand.

“Sub sits here, absolutely sitting here,” Paul blinks his eyes, “Sub wants to pull Add, Sub wants to attract.”

Paul cracks the pebbles together. “O my, what the, no,” Paul yelps. His thumb swells to the size of an orange.

The two desires snapped like two arrows thrusting at one another. As the two cracked, the two finally knew they met. It was simultaneous with desire.

“When they desired, they knew the other desired them.” Paul cracked from beneath his white teeth.

Paul never let the pebbles separate, his finger was the only thing keeping them apart. Beneath his face turning red, Paul whimpered, “… and when they desired they knew they were recognized by the other.”

“Imagine that, that God is the most pleasured, pleasurable, being. He desires infinitely.” Paul cried like a girl. “How much does he recognize us, then?” We both sat thinking about our desires.


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