Swirls of Desire

Splash, splash. Swirl, swirl.

“Infinitely,” Paul garggles, “innnnnnn….ffffffffff….initely.” Outstretched, his body sinks. Unlike an iceberg not even a little, a little teensy bit, floats. Paul swims in a kids mini-pool.

“My pool of desire, my cage for all eternity.” Pauls says. The rocky waters, I notice, begin to change colors. Pink, purple, blue, green.

What is a pool of desire? I wonder. But then I notice, Paul is dripping. Like a piece of ice, the water filling the pool is his flesh. His clothing. He raises a straw to breathe oxygen.

“Overflow,” He spits, “this is all excess. Praise God!”

He’s right, what is happening says more about what is happening inside. Inside Paul’s heart, the deepest bed of desire. And so he melts; pure liquid surfaces.

“The spur of faith,” Paul nibbled, “how a promise filled me inside.”

Imagine how Jesus felt his body, how he encourages us to feel ours. To feel it, to be human, to melt. Sure we melt inside, why not out?


About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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