1+1= {will}

“God has two wills,” Nietzsche giggles, “his moral and sovereign. Moral and Sovereign will.” He sits on the edge of a stump. Rubbing his thumb against a leaf, he says, “so what is Jesus?”

A fork, a question, to skewer the timid. Nietzsche basks in the daylight. But it’s not daylight. Ah. Yes. Yet there is a little shimmer of light cresting off his sweaty forehead.

“Is Jesus,” Nietzsche puckers, “the revelation of God’s moral or sovereign will?”

No no, I crank. Nietzsche, I begin to spell, I know. Jesus is all-too-human. He demands us to be really human. So Jesus reveals to us something about moral or sovereign will.  Moral or sovereign willing. And so, now, what about us? Humans.


About Rene Diebenkorn

Lifetime Artist. ETC.

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